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A few feedbacks:

Mother of B, 9 year old, dyslexic and dyscalculic (translated from French)

Dear Laure, I want to thank you for all your efforts to help B. I am afraid to say too loud but I find that the improvements in concentration, motivation, interest and understanding of himself are major and little by little he raises the marks at school. In the end we start to see the light from the dark. Indeed these changes occur gradually and not from the first day but they are substantial and observable. Many thanks again !!!

Mother of M., 10 year old, Attention Deficit (translated from French) 

Thank you very much for the help given to M.! She has made great progress at school, her grades are better and she is much more posed according to her teachers. Thanks to you and this method, M. is fulfilled and can move forward! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!! I will not fail to recommend you !!! I would also like to say thank you for the good times that we all shared during this week of training for M. You are a fantastic person! Good luck and I hope to see you soon!

Mother of L., 9 year old, dyslexic

"My 8.5-year-old daughter has enjoyed books and stories told by other people from a very young age.

At the end of 4H, she spells out several words and gets angry, cries, shouts, when I ask her to "read" a sentence. Learning to read is questioning. Knowing that his dad and I were or are still dyslexic, I wonder about her.

Realizing that the pleasure of listening to stories was important to her on a daily basis, I asked her if she wanted to learn to read and told her about the Davis method. Her claim for this learning is clear. It was therefore with Laure that she completed the 30-hour program.

After 5 days of internship, my daughter said to me "Oh no, it's already over!".

During these 5 days, I was able to attend several moments of the program, to observe the practice of the method and to ask my questions.

We have continued the activities of trigger words and reading with the cache and are still carrying them out to this day.

The progression of reading is very present in my daughter. The pleasure of "reading" is growing and the confidence in her own skills in learning to read surprises me. The fluency of reading also increases from week to week.

I am happy to see my child take a real pleasure in reading for her, for others and observe a dazzling pride in her eyes when the moment of reading ends.

I thank Laure very much for her patience, her time, her availability and her follow-up of the Davis method."

B, 57 year old, Attention Deficit 

Laure's program helped me cope with my symptoms of ADD and had a lasting impact on my sense of time, order, attention, and self-confidence. I've improved in setting goals, estimating how long a task will take, accomplishing the project step by step, and meeting deadlines. I waste less time and as a result am much more productive. I have become much better at keeping track of the little objects I used to spend so much time looking for. She taught me an effective strategy for focusing my attention, which helps me concentrate better. I still need to practice but I am making progress. Best of all, Laure is a kind, encouraging and supportive person whose emphasis on the creativity of my way of thinking has helped me become more confident and self-accepting.

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