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A solution for "dys" troubles which treats the cause of the difficulty and uses their gift !  

What are the "dys" troubles ?

The "dys" troubles include : 

  •  Dyslexia: difficulty reading.

Dessin trouble dys.png
Dessin trouble dys.png
  •  Dyscalculia: difficulty with maths and figures.

Dessin trouble dys.png
  •  Attention deficit (ADHD) with or without hyperactivity.

  • Dyspraxia: difficulty with mouvements coordination.

What is the cause of these troubles ?

The cause of these troubles is an ability to think in pictures in 3 dimensions, which allows quick and comprehensive thinking as well as a bright imagination and an intense creativity.  

Facon de penser.gif

A few explanation in video (in French) :

les modes de pensée   |    le don   |    l'imagination

This way of thinking is a gift. 

We will use this gift to help you overcome your difficulties. 

An apparent disability, but also a great talent !

You too, can use your talent, as have all of these sucessful dyslexic people : 

Albert Einstein

Isaac Newton

Benjamin Franklin

Léonard de Vinci

et Jacques Dubochet,

                Nobel Price in chemistry 2017

voir article RTSInfo du 4 oct 2017 

Steve Jobs

Richard Branson

Bill Gates

Meryl Streep

Steven Spielberg

Tom Cruise

Fred Astair

Fanny Smith

                 Olympic Medal in acrobatic ski, 2018

voir article Le Temps du 25 mars 2018 

Ludwig Van Beethoven


Jules Verne

Gustave Flaubert

Pablo Picasso



Hugues Aufray, sends you a little word (in French) ...

Un petit mot de Hugues Aufray 

And many others...

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